Work with a content management system that was designed by teachers.

LimeSpring is an intuitive course management system that makes tracking students and building courses simple AND FAST.

Monitor section progress

Section-level dashboards help you quickly monitor the progress of your section as a whole.

Keep tabs on student performance

Comparing performance on assignments to behavioral analytics enables you to quickly assess student performance and intervene as needed.

Drill-down on individual students

With ever click tracked, you can go as deep as you would like into an individual student’s performance.

Integrate with your Learning Management System

We integrate with all the major Learning Management Systems to allow automated account creation, single sign-on, and grade book integration.

Create courses that meet the needs of your students

LimeSpring is designed to be modular so that it can be tailored to match your existing curriculum.

Work with LimeSpring

Author your own content

Use LimeSpring content

We’ll be happy to help you build a module or course that meets your needs.

Create your own lessons using our simple to use authoring system.

Use the existing LimeSpring content library to build a custom course or supplement your own content.

Implement assessments

Add supplemental materials

Shuffle content

Create placement assessments, formative assessments, and summative assessments.

Embed PDFs, videos, spreadsheets, and links to supplement lessons, making the supplemental content optional or mandatory.

Reuse existing content to build alternate versions of courses (e.g., accelerated version) in minutes.

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